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Summary GLOFA-GM series have GMR that supports dual system, GM4, GM6, GM7 and etc. and this product supports Digital I/O area from 20 pt up to 16000pt. GM series is a flexibly responsible product which handles simple machinery control to massive process control. GM7 is for block type and GMR~GM6 are all module type. By using IEC-1131-3 (standard programming language) as a Programming Tool which is established by International Standard Committee, various programming language such as IL, LD, SFC is available. With this programming tool, users can easily program the task. Characteristic ¡ª Provide international standard (IEC1131-3) programming language : IL(Instruction List), LD(Ladder Diagram),SFC(Sequential Function Chart), etc. ¡ª Dedicated micro process (0.12~0.5§Á/step) ¡ª Support easy-to-use programming tool ¡ª Programming using Korean, Editing, Monitoring by symbol and Debugging function ¡ª Provides program test function that simulation is possible without PLC ¡ª Supports Ethernet communication (10Mbps) which is Open Network of International Standard CIM and various communication protocol such as Fieldbus(1Mbps), DeviceNet(125K~512Kbps), etc. ¡ª Provides various special module: AD, DA, high speed counter, positioning, Thermocouple(Thermometer), PID control, analog timer, temperature control, etc. ¡ª Ethernet communication support(GMR/4): 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT

GM7 &# GM7U
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High function and high performance with dedicated MPU chip

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